Welcome to the Assignments page! Assignments will be posted as Microsoft Word (.docx) documents. You can provide comments and suggestions on the first draft of parts of the City of West Haven’s Plan of Conservation & Development in one of the following ways:

  1. Online. There is a comment box at the bottom of this page for you to leave comments, suggestions, and questions. Also, feel free to pose questions about the content of the assignment to the whole group! Other Steering Committee members can chime in and respond.
  2. Digital Mark-Up. If you are fairly adept at using MS Word, you can download the document and use the “Track Changes” function to enter suggested text changes directly. You can use the “New Comment” function to highlight certain sentences or paragraphs and type in comments. When you are finished, please e-mail the document to
  3. Hard Copy Mark-Up. You can download the MS Word document and mark it up with pen. When you are finished, you can either scan and e-mail it to or fax it back to us at (215) 318-9017.

*ASSIGNMENT #2: View and comment on the “designed” version of Chaper 1. Introduction and Review “Chaper 2. Observing the City” (due Wed, 9/14). Click here to download the assignmentNote, this is a PDF file so option 2 above (Digital Mark-Up) will not be available, unless you know how to use Adobe Acrobat really well.

*ASSIGNMENT #1: Review Chapter 1. Introduction (due Friday, 9/2)


One thought on “Assignments

  1. How did we do in terms of incorporating your feedback from the last meeting into this version of “Chapter 1. Introduction”?

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